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The better way to manage your chambers, prescriptions, appointments & patients

UsingGrand Doctorsaccount you can easily manage chamber wise prescriptions, patients, appointments and many more features.

Online Appointment Booking

You can book your online or face to face appointments with specialists at a specific date and time that is most suited to your own schedule.

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Feature Image

Online Consultation

Using Zoom online consultation via DoctorsCalendar, you can make unlimited live video appointments with the specialist doctors and interpreters to receive the treatment & advice you need.

Advanced & Super-easy Prescription System

We have a automated, powerfull and supereasy onload prescription system that will help the doctoros to create & print their prescriptions within a minute.

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Feature Image

Interpreter Services

You can communicate more easily with our doctors and translators.

Coming soon! - Integrated Observation Results

With our brand new integrated health monitor technology, you can now view patient observation results directly from patient profiles prior to their appointment. The all in one health monitor system provides patients; height & weight, temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, ECG, body mass index and more.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Coming Soon - Online Appointments, Analysis & Consultation Kiosks

Intelligent body composition & smart health examination Kiosk Health Care Check-In Kiosk all in one body check machine can connect HIS system with thermal printing ticket The Intelligent health examination Kiosk is a health examination device that integrates body weight, BMI, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, fat content, water content, basal metabolism, and other conventional physical examination functions into one machine. The device comes with a second-generation ID card reader that can quickly read patient identity information, and establish patient health records.

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